Where have I been?

Apologies I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks. A lot has happened since:

  1. Work (ie. my day job) got hectic and has taken most of my time.
  2. I ran a half marathon 2 weeks ago and wanted to post about it, but haven’t had the time (see 1)
  3. I decided I don’t want to just post any running playlist unless I truly enjoy it.

Number 1 seems to be under control now, so I’ll have time to post often again.

Number 2 is still in the back of my head, I have a post almost ready about it that should be published soon.

Number 3 is the one I want to address. When I started this site I wanted to share my running playlists with everyone, and I did so often at the beginning. I gave them a star rating and was publishing every playlist I made. However, giving it more thought, I don’t think there’s any point in sharing my 1, 2 or even 3 star playlists. They’re obviously not great (in my opinion, at least) and I don’t run to them. A few I only ran 2 or 3 times before sharing and haven’t used again.

This is pointless.

I only want to share my favourite running playlists here, so I’ll probably post them less often.