A talk by Lee Saxby on barefoot running

This explanation of barefoot running by Lee Saxby from VIVOBAREFOOT is the most succinct and easiest to understand (for non-experts like me) that I’ve heard. He’s eloquent and gets to the point without meandering or trying to sound too academic. Definitely worth the 12 minutes time investment.


Barefoot Running, by Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman

Interesting video with Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman explaining the difference between heel strike and fore-foot strike. The former is associated with people running in traditional running shoes, whereas the latter is how barefoot runners usually run.

Professor Lieberman hypothesises that the impact of heel strike may cause repetitive stress injury, shin splints, and other injuries.

Running releases more than just sweat

My day job is in advertising, so I tend to stay away from that in this blog. But I found this ad for ASICS UK today and I thought it was worth sharing here.

It’s not only a beautiful ad, but the message is, I think, inspirational.

Quite unintentionally, my current pair of running shoes is from ASICS. It’s the first time I’ve used their products and although it’s still early days (I’ve only had them for a couple of months), it’s been great. I’ll use them in a half marathon I’m running in May.