Rock Music Playlist – 60 minutes

This time around, I decided to go with a rock/alternative running playlist for this week’s jogging.

Instead of doing a smart playlist as previously, I just filtered by genre and randomly listed to a few songs and made a very quick decision. If they sounded “runnable” I threw them into a playlist, if they were too slow I skipped them.

I did this very fast until I had roughly 60 minutes worth or songs for running. I didn’t want to think about the songs too much as I really liked the feeling of listening to stuff I hadn’t heard in a long time or even ever!

I realised I have a lot of songs I just haven’t heard.

I’ve purchased way too many CD’s over the years and I either never got around to listening to the whole thing or I just don’t remember. There are also songs that others in the family have purchased that I hadn’t heard. Since we keep all music in a huge shared library, there’s a lot to choose from. This will be fun.

The Rock Music Running Playlist:

Song Artist BPM Amazon
Love foolosophy Jamiroquai 129 Buy in Amazon
Alt.end The Cure 115 Buy in Amazon
Not Afraid Earshot 84 Buy in Amazon
Pardon Me Incubus 76 Buy in Amazon
Yesterday’s Today Living Syndication 171 Buy in Amazon
Guerilla Radio Rage Against The Machine 207 Buy in Amazon
The Door Silverchair 184 Buy in Amazon (full album)
Suck My Kiss Red Hot Chili Peppers 102 Buy in Amazon
Song 2 Blur 172 Buy in Amazon
Around the World Red Hot Chili Peppers 155 Buy in Amazon
Everlong Foo Fighters 79 Buy in Amazon
Brighter Than The Sun Tiamat 134 Buy in Amazon
Juicebox The Strokes 155 Buy in Amazon
Black Bugs Regurgitator 65 Buy in Amazon
Brown Eyed Girl Everclear 110 Buy in Amazon
Break My Body Pixies 127 Buy in Amazon


Lesson learned from this running playlist:

This rock music running playlist turned out great. I chose the songs just by ear and it worked. I’ll do a few more of those using different genres.

What I’m now convinced of is that the software I used to calculate BPM didn’t do a good job.The difference in the tunes on this playlist are just way too big that it doesn’t sound right. Either they’re wrong or I don’t fully understand BPM.

(UPDATE: I found a better way to add BPM to songs in iTunes).


I give this rock music running playlist a 4 out of 5. It was pretty cool