Clothing-optional running?

Readers, do you enjoy road racing but feel that shorts and singlets are just too… restricting? If so, you should meet Pete Williams. Pete is a triathlete and journalist who last year, in his words, “launched a business organizing clothing-optional runs in Florida.”

via: No Clothes, No Chafing, No Problem | RW Daily

Never imagined there would be organised nude running, but there you go. It’s an interesting article on a guy who’s organising 5k races, where clothing is optional, over in Florida, USA.

Run to the Beat

Looks like an interesting event. Worth a look if you live (or plan to be in) London.

The race, now in its fourth year, starts and finishes at The O2 in London on the 25th September 2011.

  • 13.1 miles
  • 17,000 pairs of feet
  • Exclusive performances
  • Music to motivate you
  • Get grimey down in Greenwich
  • Dub step through Docklands
  • Rock round Royal Artillery Barracks
  • Hip hop down Ha Ha Road
  • Run to the Beat

via: Run to the Beat