On running on a treadmill

Hilary Howard on NYTimes.com:

When I complained again about the lack of music, Ms. Cornish indicated that her class was multimedia-friendly. “My Wall Street clients use one earphone,” she said, “so they can both listen to me and watch CNBC.”

I thought this quote was funny, but the whole article is actually quite interesting. The writer basically enrolled in a few treadmill classes in various gyms in New York and explains how it went. And she throws a few good tips in there.

Non of the classes she attended had music though. Since they were classes, they had to pay attention to the trainers, so no iPods. She ends the article with:

The next time I stepped onto a treadmill for a solo workout, I knew what to do. I set the incline at 1.0 and made sure to follow speed intervals with slower paces on steeper hills. My run was shorter than usual by one mile, but I felt as if I’d worked out just as hard. And the best part? I had my music and trashy television back.