Welcome to JoggerTunes

After many months of not exercising much, I decided it was time to get back into it. Many years ago, I was doing triathlons, mountain biking, and adventure races, but somewhere along the line work got crazy and I stopped.┬áIt’s been almost 7 years now. I miss it. My body can feel it. It’s not cool.

During these 7 mostly sedentary years, I’ve done a bit of running here and there, but nothing to write home about. And certainly not consistently.

It’s time to get back into shape.

A few weeks ago I started running regularly again. I’m pumped. It feels good although it’s still a pain in the butt to get up early. But I’m doing it. I want to run a full marathon this year. That’s my goal.

Back when I was in shape, the iPhone didn’t exist. I never used an iPod to run, so I never really knew what running to music was like. This time around though, I do have an iPhone and I’m sort of obsessed with apps. So I did some searching in the iTunes Store for running apps and found a few that I’ve been testing. I love the fact that I can track exactly where I’ve run using the GPS, see it on a map, and know the exact distance I did.

Running with an iPhone of course meant that I also have my music with me, so I gave running to some tunes a go. The first time I just randomly chose a playlist and set off.

It was a great experience, but after about 15 minutes of running to great tunes a slow song came on and it screwed up my rhythm. For the rest of the run I kept thinking I had to create good running playlists. I got back to my computer and spent the next few days obsessing over this and realised others might be interested in this as well. I also decided I needed a place to track my progress. Sort of a logbook. Plus I wanted somewhere I could capture my thoughts and learnings through the process.

Which brings me to this website.

Primarily it’s where I’ll share the running playlists I create and put to the test. But I’ll also write about the apps I use, the milestones I achieve, and most likely some random but hopefully related thoughts.

I admit this site is mostly for me. But I’m putting it out there in case others find it interesting.