My first running playlist, Latin Music – 45 minutes

This is my first running music playlist.

It’s the first time I’ve built a playlist specifically for running, so I decided to do a smart playlist and let iTunes pick the songs based on set criteria.

I wanted to do a 6 kilometre run on a fairly hilly track, so I figured about 45 minutes of music would be more than enough.

For some reason, I was in the mood for latin music today. I thought it might be a good match for running at a comfortable pace of around 6:30 minutes per kilometre. Plus, I have literally thousands of songs in Spanish that I really like and haven’t heard in a while.

The running playlist has the following rules as the image below shows:

  1. Beats per minute (BPM) is 190
  2. Genre contains “Latin”
  3. Limit to 45 minutes selected by random
Latin music playlist itunes running

As far as running playlists go, this one turned out OK, but not great.

For one, I’m not sure how the BPM (beats per minute) is calculated, but it doesn’t seem entirely accurate. I’ll write about how I added BPM to my entire library in another post. (UPDATE: Here’s how to add BPM in iTunes)

The first song starts with a long intro with people talking and the music doesn’t kick in until about 1:30 into it. Hardly what you want in a running playlist. Once it starts it’s ok though, it’s a fairly fast song. But the boring intro is annoying while running. Then the second one is more of a rhythm ballad. Nice for running, but completely different from the first. The rest are pretty good until the last one, which is just an intro to an album. Not sure how this is 190 BPM.

The bigger issue is that even though I thought I’d capped the time at 45 minutes, the actual playlist is only 20 minutes! I later realised that restricting it to songs with exactly 190 BPM is the problem. Not many songs are exactly 190.

So, my music ran out about half way into the run. I ended up fumbling with my iPhone while running to play something else.

The Running Playlist:

Song Artist BPM Amazon iTunes
Raza Odiada (Pito Wilson) Brujeria 190 Buy in Amazon Buy in iTunes
Quisiera ser Alejandro Sanz 190 Buy in Amazon Buy in iTunes
Inocencia Efecto Mariposa 190 Buy in Amazon Buy in iTunes
King Kong Five Manu Chao 190 Buy in Amazon Buy in iTunes
Frijolero Molotov 190 Buy in Amazon Buy in iTunes
Intro Luis Miguel 190 Buy in Amazon Buy in iTunes

Buy the entire Playlist in iTunes here.

Lesson learned from this running playlist:

The main thing I learned is to check the actual total time in iTunes. With this one, it turns out I don’t have enough songs in my “Latin” genres that are exactly 190 BPM, so it couldn’t fill the 45 minutes I had in the rule. Running out of music halfway through a run is not fun.


I give my first running playlist a 2 out of 5.