On strides per minute

Get your stride frequency up to 180 strides a minute to improve your mechanics and efficiency, and maybe decrease injuries. Pretend you are running on eggs that you don’t want to crack.

via: Runner’s World | Footloose

The whole article has some interesting points/tips about running, but this one caught my eye. I have never thought about counting the strides per minute on my runs, but it does make sense. The more steps you do per minute, the longer the distance you’ll cover, thus the faster you’ll run.

When I was in high school I was part of the swimming team. Back then the coach used something he called “swim golf” to push us to swim faster. It was a similar concept to counting strides per minute. Not sure why it was called swim golf, but it helped us all be more competitive.

To calculate our swim golf we counted the strokes on one lap on a 50 metre pool while we timed ourselves. Adding the number of strokes and the seconds gave us our swim golf score. The aim was to lower it as much as possible. The only ways to lower it were to swim faster (less seconds) or to do less strokes, which promoted better technique.

I’m now intrigued by this “strides per minute” idea. I’ll count them next time and see how it goes.