My running strides per minute

A few days ago I linked to an article from Runner’s World that discussed increasing stride frequency as a way to improve running efficiency and potentially reduce injuries.

Earlier this week I counted my stride frequency while doing my long, easy run (listening to this Electronica/Dance playlist)

The Runner’s World article suggested increasing stride frequency to 180 steps per minute. At the time I didn’t know what that number really meant, but I assumed it was fairly high. Well, I now know it is, in fact, high.

My average strides per minute was 151.

Granted, it was during a slow run. But still, increasing that by 30 seems like a challenge. I’m doing a 5 kilometre time trial tomorrow and I’ll count again to understand the difference between a long, slow run and a short, fast one. I do expect my frequency will be higher than 151, but don’t know by how much.