Matching cadence to music while running

There’s an interesting article I found on that explains all this beats-per-minute (BPM) and how it ties in with running (and exercising in general). They summarise it quite simply:

So what is music-paced running? It is running to the exact tempo (beat) of tunes on your portable music player.

via: Matching Cadence to Music Benefits Your Workout | Training

It’s a good read with info on medical research that suggests exercising to music has a positive effect on performance. We’ve discussed before that it also boost brain power, so it seems running to good music is good all around.

However, they do close the article with the following:

While matching cadence to tempo may be the new dimension in running, music-paced running may not be for everyone. But for people who need more motivation and for those who want more fun when they run, it may be a perfect match.

I say everyone needs more motivation… and who doesn’t want to have more fun when they run?