Jill Bruyere on hot to run faster

Jill Bruyere share’s training tips in How To Run Faster:

The biggest and most important thing you can do to get faster is to train consistently. Figure out how many days per week you can fit in your schedule and stick to it. And, be realistic. Only you know your time constraints, so do what you know you can and will accomplish each week.

Training consistently is key. At the beginning of 2011 I decided I would do a half marathon in May and set out on a 3 day per week training routine. For the most part, I followed it almost without a hitch, but after the half marathon I didn’t do anything for a full week. I sort of allowed myself a week’s rest, then did a run exactly a week after, and haven’t gone on another one since.

I’m getting up early tomorrow to start again with the routine, but I’m not happy I dropped the ball. Once you’re used to it it’s easy, but one slip and it gets harder to get back into the habit.