Buy a Song for Japan

I’ve written a few times about this. I know it’s off-topic, but I feel it’s important, so please bear with me. Our friends in Japan are going through a tough time with the unfortunate events that happened in March. Sadly, another earthquake hit them this past weekend.

They need our help.

I’ve posted a few ways to help that are somewhat related to this site (ie. music or exercise). Here are the links:

I just found out of yet another way to help. A couple of guys decided to record a song, put it up for sale in iTunes, and donate the proceeds to Japan.

The Song for Japan project is a grassroots movement dedicated to raising awareness while spreading a message of hope and love in support of those who desperately need our help. Please join this movement by downloading the special version of The Beatles classic, “In My Life” by Jon Levy on iTunes.

Check out the video:

More info and their story here: Song for Japan