Barefoot Running, by Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman

Interesting video with Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman explaining the difference between heel strike and fore-foot strike. The former is associated with people running in traditional running shoes, whereas the latter is how barefoot runners usually run.

Professor Lieberman hypothesises that the impact of heel strike may cause repetitive stress injury, shin splints, and other injuries.

Healthy Feet e-booklet from NRC

NRC Healthy Feet Book Cover

The Natural Running Center has a free e-booklet on the topic of “Healthy Feet”. It’s 72 pages and full of content. From their own description:

The main attraction of the booklet is an extensive footwear study that appeared in a medical journal from 1905, and which arrived at the unvarnished conclusion that most “modern” shoes are harmful to the health and development of the human foot.

 It’s worth a read. You can download it from here.